Tahira Kaleem

    Tahira Kaleem is CEO of Enlight Lab and CoFounder of Women's Avenue.
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    Women March and Shaking Patriarchy

    About this March, my woman spirit was happy knowing the celebration of women’s struggle is going on around the world but most particularly in...

    KP cabinet appoints Rukhshanda Naz as first female provincial ombudsperson

    The Law on Protection of women against workplace harassment passed in 2010 bounds provinces to appoint Ombudsperson. The law remained ineffective in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa...

    Samar Bilour victory in by-election gives us back the hope of standing up

    The applaudable victory of Samar Bilour on seat of PK 78 in By-Election gives us back the hope of standing up! This year 2018 Election...

    Understanding Feminism: Feminism beyond hating-men

    In the deep rooted patriarchal society, those who realised feminism as threat to their status quo or seeming it as long run battle to...

    Ill-fated or Our Parents’ Decisions

    On our first day in new house, our neighbour payed her visit to greet us. Asking my mother how many children she is having, my mother...

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