Why talking about child sexual abuse remains a taboo despite the increasing cases

    The blogger wishes to remain anonymous.

    Seeing  him crying and sobbing in tears but unable to explain what has just happened when that uncle left room, I observed Osama was terrified. I went straight to him asking about whether uncle has beaten him or have scolded him, what wrong he has done for which he got punishment but he to my every answer just nod his head in negative.

    I observed Osama staying quiet after that day for a week and then back to normal but always got uncomfortable when Uncle was around.

    While listening to a lecture on child sexual abuse this scene rolled in my mind like a film that how Osama was trying to fix his clothes and what possibly would have happened to him that day. Many other incidences- of our close relatives and neighbors putting their hands on my body unnecessarily and especially, when I used to be alone with them- hit my mind too.

    Children are usually let to play unattended and alone with people in your family because everybody love children, but we never know which way the adult loves your child. For our society word “sex” is like a rat poison to be kept away from children ears and teaching them several language and expression parents and teachers forget to teach them the language of abuse, expression of something sexually bad happens to them.

    Sex Education is taken as taboo talk despite of knowing how the Child Sexual Abuse cases, Rape cases, harassment on daily bases cases are ever increasing on daily basis. If you think the numbers are coming from somewhere else and it is not my child or my family then probably you have not taught your child to express if a sexual abuse happen how to express it.

    For a Child of Age 5 should know that what is “Good/Bad Touch”, How to say no to unnecessary kissing, why it is harmful to leave house alone, why it is important to stay around your parents, how to express if something unpleasant happens.

    Our schools lack the most important grooming components of children lives too that is Life Skills Based Education to tell them how from very first day in school they can be safe, how children should not take out their frustration on each other and how to deal with a bully child.

    For us it is time to realize that beside heavy load of books to sharpen the memories of children a deeper focus and shift is required on Child personal grooming and Life Skills Based Education.

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