It’s Valentine!


    It’s valentine
    Day of expressing LOVE
    Time to show your love,
    A little more care
    A little time
    A little love

    It’s valentine

    I open the cupboard
    Find the red suit
    Thinking, should I wear or not
    All I want is to show love
    To my loved ones

    What people think of me
    That I am going on a date
    But in reality, I don’t have any mate
    But then, I do have people
    Who loves me and I love them
    Can’t I wear a red dress for them?

    If I wear black as wore last year
    I will be called anti-valentine believer
    Which I am not, being a devotee of love
    I Respect love & believe in giving love back

    Love is everywhere

    I love my students
    And they love me
    I love my teachers
    And they love me too
    I love my listeners
    And they love me so much

    So Happy Valentine’s day
    To all those who love me

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