Children with autism may face difficulty in learning as this disorder affects the children’s ability to focus, interact, communicate and control emotions. Autism children require specialized schooling facility with expert teachers to deal with their impaired communication.

    In Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, there are no specific learning areas or schools for autistic children at government and private level. The school of blind, deaf and dumb children cannot work for autistic children. Child with certain mental conditions requires one on one teacher, a separate individual syllabus, special class room setting and various training programs for conduct and skills improvement. Teaching experts on autism learning are not available. People owing to ignorance send their autistic children to normal children’s school and at end the autistic children labeled as incompetent to complete their education.

    Autistic children have some God gifted tilt toward music, painting, numbers, facts memorization, by using that tilt desire learning goals can be achieved, but all this go in vain due to no availability of experts or trained staff in schools

    There are everyday usable assistive equipment specifically made for autistic children, but mostly parents of autistic children do not have fair knowledge of it. Parents may not find these equipment easily around.These assistive equipment of everyday use can make the life of an autistic child easier; such facilitating equipment are not handy to autistic children and this situation compel them to live with more difficulties. Assistive therapeutic objects, specialized learning or skills improvement equipment and even assistive support group of people to collaborate with them and their families can be helpful. But since there is no autistic society or research group present in the city, these assistive measures are not found in the province.

    Masooma Khan
    Masooma Khan is graduate of Peace & Conflict studies, University of Peshawar. She advocates for children mental health rights and awarness.

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