My Mark: My City – Youth in Peshawar come forward with Green ideas to tackle Climate Change

    Cities being seen to be the cause for most of the climate change impacts, are also on the verge of climate disasters. United Nation Live Museum initiated a global campaign of My Mark My City to bring sustainable solutions for cities prone to climate change. Global Shapers Peshawar Hub pulled out My Mark My City Campaign with a diverse group of young people in Peshawar. The Global Shapers community is an international network of young people driving dialogue, action and change. The campaign My Mark: My City, the Museum for the United Nations – UN Live is collaborating across the United Nations, with its key agencies, and with an extraordinary growing network of local changemakers and innovators to imagine and create solutions to the climate crisis that could transform city life worldwide.

    Speaking to the participants Leading Architect on Peshawar Urban Planning Mr. Vashif Shinwari pointed out towards the biggest problem of the city that is waste disposal. “Peshawar City has influx of inhabitants and unplanned construction with abrupt increase of houses which lack proper sewerage disposal mechanism is causing the flow of waste into one canal spread across the city”, shared by Mr. Vasif.
    Participants joined the sustainable solution activity in which they brainstormed the possible solutions at personal, community and government levels to save the city from climate hazards. Participants proposed a range of ideas including waste management from pharmaceutical and marble tile factories, use of photovoltaic facades and tesla tiles on houses, rooftop gardens on government-owned buildings (hospitals, government offices) and Smart restrooms in public areas.

    Peshawar city-once the city of flower- turned into an unplanned concrete mass due to unplanned construction. Going through old images of the city from 1940 until today, Architect Majid- Academician- gave a pictorial tour of the city to participants showing the transformation of the city in the past Century.

    Recommendations on sustainable solutions encompassed initiatives at personal, community and government level which were posted live by the participants to mark their contribution to the Live Museum of United Nations. Some of the small scale implementable solutions from these recommendations will be taken up by the Global Shapers Peshawar Hub to engage the community in saving the city. Moreover, recommendations for the government will be taken to the relevant stakeholders for possible actions in the future.

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