Samar Bilour victory in by-election gives us back the hope of standing up

    The applaudable victory of Samar Bilour on seat of PK 78 in By-Election gives us back the hope of standing up!

    This year 2018 Election turned out again as black election for women for not winning a single seat, let alone many areas were reported of banning women from vote. In this downhearted situation the by-election seat winning by Samar Bilour is a sight of new moon for seeing woman rising against all odds.

    Many would term it as a sympathy vote after her husband’s death contesting in elections on the same seat. But be it any vote, women see this victory in shape a of woman parliamentarian who is voice of people from her constituency trusting her for the fate of the locality.

    In Khyber Pakhtunkhwa after 16 years a woman is elected on general seat encouraging more women to come forward in coming elections.

    Tahira Kaleem
    Tahira Kaleem is CEO of Enlight Lab and CoFounder of Women's Avenue.

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