Tabinda Farukh – A Wedding Planner from Peshawar, Motivation for Many

    When Tabinda’s father passed away instead of becoming a burden on anyone, she decided to become an independent girl. Starting with only Rs.4500/, Tabinda is now successfully running her own wedding planning services business under the name of ‘Rasm-o-Rivaj’. The idea behind her venture is to provide traditional home-made wedding accessories such as bidh boxes, gotta bangles, mehndi items.

    Tough times and sufferings are mandatory parts of life. But, it’s upon us how we decide to get through such times. There are people who only complain and do not make any efforts to deal with their problems and then there are those who face such challenges bravely. One such example is Miss Tabinda Farukh from Peshawar.

    Tabinda started her business in 2012 when SMEDA-Small And Medium Enterprises Development Authority, formed an organization known as Women Business Development Corporation in Peshawar. The purpose of WBDC was to encourage women entrepreneurs and provide them with a safe working space. Tabinda was also supported by WBDC. With help and support of WBDC, Tabinda’s business flourished and she got the know-how of all the business tactics and techniques.

    Today, Tabinda is a successful business woman. Not only has she displayed her work in the local exhibitions of Peshawar and other cities of Pakistan but her work has also been displayed abroad. Moreover, she has provided trainings to girls in Kohat while working with an NGO. Also, now she is a member of SMEDA, Women Chamber Of Commerce and Karvaan e Hawa. Tabinda has also been awarded a shield for exceptional business performance.

    Tabinda aims to provide trainings to girls to help them become self-sufficient. Her goal is to be a motivation for girls and women who want to start their own ventures.

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