The learning myth: Do you think you can not learn because you are not smart enough?

    Have you ever thought that you can not learn because you are not smart enough? Well….its just a myth. Almost every one is an avid learner. But plunging in to the vast ocean of knowledge one requires patience, persistence, and imagination.

      In this article I want to specifically write about memory, there are two forms of memory.

    • Verbal memory includes repetition in order to memorize.
    • Visual memory requires imagination or I should say all five senses.

     The most effective one is visual memory. By smelling, vividly visualizing, feeling and hearing what you want to learn makes it“ sticky”. So the topic in question sticks in your mind. Also by using mnemonics and a humorous and interesting story helps to learn.


    Consider the words: sky, egg, flower, cockroache, candies, window, air plane, giraffe. If you use your verbal memory you might not be able to memorize all these words in correct order. But by using your visual memory you are more likely to remember: Imagine a glowing egg during a sunny day it falls from the sky; as it hits you it turns into a colorful, aromatic flower. You pick up the flower and smell it, as you sniff it a huge red and blue cockroache burst out of it and explodes into a thousand small candies. They fly off and hits the window of a car, surprisingly the car turns into an air plane. Unfortunately the air plane is engulfed by a tall giraffe.(The tragic end)


    Mnemonic is a sentence which is amazingly unrelated to what you learn. Yet it is very helpful. Consider these alkaline metals: Li(lithium), Na(sodium), K(potassium), Rb(rubidium), Cs(caesium), Fr(francium). You can efficiently remember these by using this mnemonic: Li-Na Ki Rab Csay Faryad.

    Let me put it in a nut shell for you. Learning is a journey. It is said that A journey of thousand miles begins with a single step. But make the journey interesting, colorful, sweet, and full of fun.


    Maria Khan
    Biosciences enthusiast

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