To my dearest soul sisters !

    To my dearest soul sisters!!!

    My dearest mother-in-law,

    Stop breaking her heart just because she is someone’s daughter
    She is the love of your little angel whom you have rocked for countless nights
    You made him say his first ever word; you helped him take his first step
    How can you ruin his beautiful life? Just be a little generous and tolerant because this will lead to ultimate happiness of your dearest boy…

    My dearest sister-in-law,

    Stop breaking her heart just because she is someone’s sister
    She is the happiness of your dearest brother whom you have loved since childhood
    You were ready to fight the world for him; then how can you break her heart who is your brother’s favourite?
    Just be gentler, as your time will also come…

    My dearest daughter-in-law,

    Stop snatching someone’s boy, she has given her whole life to make him a strong successful man and handed her world to you
    One day, you will have one too, hence, just think of yourself in her shoes and try to tolerate her
    Try to understand your dearest hubby, don’t force him to leave his heaven, his mother, you will be rewarded…

    My dearest damsel,

    Stop forcing yourself in to toxic relations just because everyone wants you to get married
    Give yourself sometime, don’t assume things by reading someone else’s story
    You deserve the best kind of life partner…

    My dearest secret mobile number,

    Stop ruining someone else’s little heaven, he is a hope of a broken soul who waits all day long just to get his single smile
    He is a father, a superhero of little angels, don’t do this to them
    You are daddy’s proud daughter, you deserve your own Kingdom, you don’t deserve to be someone’s timely pleasure
    Just wait for the right time and the right man, you will be blessed…

    And to my dearest strongest lady,

    Stop breaking you own heart, you don’t deserve this abusive relationship
    This isn’t your fate, God has something beautiful planned for you
    You weren’t born to face verbal and physical abuse
    These tears, this torture and these bruises on your body and soul, this is not you
    You are someone’s silent prayer, you are someone’s darling baby girl, you deserve all the love of this world…

    You are trying to make someone’s life heaven, you are upbringing beautiful souls
    You are tolerating many relations for the sake of his happiness which is not even your duty
    You need to be appreciated, It’s time stand for yourself and remind yourself that you have left your home, you heaven for him, You deserve the best !!!

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