Travel Blog: Moscow, Center of unique architecture & Russian Culture

    I have been participant of International Volunteer Forum, Russia which happened last year and was one among the youth delegation from Pakistan. Participating at international forums not only gives enriching professional experience but also provides an opportunity to explore diverse cultures, people and places.

    Walking around Moscow is like skipping from one century to the next; the walls, streets and homes of the city are soaked in history, translating into a huge variety of attractions that reflect all strands of Russia’s convoluted past. The Nineteenth century shopping Centre, Red Square is a sight to behold. If you planning to visit Moscow, you must download few things in your mobile phone, it includes Google translator, Metro station App and Google Map, without these helping apps you won’t be able to enjoy your tour.

    Matryoshka – Russian nesting doll. vodkatraintravel

    As we entered the massive marble gates of the VDNKH (acronym for All Russian Exhibition Centre) park, one feels like stepping into a place whose grandeur and charm is unmatchable. The massive grounds are filled with Lenin statues and richly decorated. When walking through Red Square, the breathtaking view of St. Basils. Cathedral catches attention.   It has got unique architectural style and surely a must-go when in Moscow.

    Russian culture has a rich history, strong traditions and influential arts, especially when it comes to literature, philosophy, classical music, ballet, architecture, painting, cinema and animation. These resources will help you learn many aspects of the Russian cultural heritage and make learning Russian more fun. Russia has wonderful and often unique cuisine, recipes, traditions and customs.


    Russian chocolate bars and chocolate candies are very tasty and make a good souvenir for friends and family. For souvenirs, Matryoshka (Russian wooden dolls) are inexpensive, cheerful, and universally recognized as the symbol of Russia. The interesting fact about Matryoshka is that it symbolizes Russian babushka, which is supposed to be a strong female matriarch holding a central figure in the Russian family. First matryoshkas were made in 1890 and brought to Paris expo in 1900 by the wife of Russian art patron Savva Mamontov.

    The toy got a bronze prize at the expo and went into mass production. Each doll typically has 5+ smaller dolls inside, styles and colors vary, choose the ones you personally like most. The dolls are a traditional representation of the mother carrying a child within her and can be seen as a representation of a chain of mother’s carrying on the family legacy through the child in their womb. Furthermore, Matryoshka dolls are used to illustrate the unity of body, soul, mind, heart and spirit.

    Representing traditional Pashtun attire at cultural show Moscow, Russia


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