Understanding Feminism: Feminism beyond hating-men

    In the deep rooted patriarchal society, those who realised feminism as threat to their status quo or seeming it as long run battle to claim women’s space and her share from home to street, would certainly hate feminists. Feminism is often associated with bold women talking of women better than men, hating men and is all about proving themselves better than men. For all those thinking this way, Feminist Friday’s along with raising voice for other social injustices, came out and took lead on marking the “first death anniversary of Mashal Khan” earlier this year by visiting his family followed by a press conference for raising demands regarding #justiceformashal.

    Mashal Khan (Late) a student of Bacha Khan University Mardan, brutally murdered by the mob of university students, for being an outspoken and progressive thinker and speaker. The justice system likely in Mashal Khan’s case showed lethargic interest by quitting most of the suspects against whom the video proofs have been submitted to courts. Those under custody being sentenced life imprisonment or death sentences are predominantly in struggled of getting bailed out.

    Feminist Friday’s a network of feminist women from social/development sector, media, and academia along with Women Action Forum and other women led organizations in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa showed strong support to Mashal Khan family all through. Mashal Khan’s family has been targeted of social isolation and labelled as family of blasphemous person, ever since his death. Feminists groups stepped against the social stereotypes, unjust system of fear and silence to break the barriers of isolation of Mashal’s Family.

    We take a moment to appreciate the part of feminists for raising voice against odds in society. The role of feminists has been laudable demanding the speedy justice for domestic violence and rape cases, raising voice for regulating the administration of universities after Mashal Khan case and promoting progressive curriculum in the universities along with regulating student unions to engage students in productive activities and ensuring the university premises weapon-free and harassment free zones for everyone to stop not only killing/losing our young blood but also to stop our youth from nurturing into extremist and murderers.

    Bravo feminists! Who challenged the unjust social, political and judicial system and joining hands in solidarity with victims of violence. Those who think feminism and feminists are men-haters should turn their heads around and see feminists beyond it, feminism is about social justice, it is about equal rights and is about solidarity with anyone who has failed by the patriarchal system.

    Tahira Kaleem
    Tahira Kaleem is CEO of Enlight Lab and CoFounder of Women's Avenue.

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