Women March and Shaking Patriarchy

    About this March, my woman spirit was happy knowing the celebration of women’s struggle is going on around the world but most particularly in my own country. Some Men, threatened by women force seeing them too many at a time got them paranoid. How come all of them came together and they saw their centuries of oppression dying and their hollow walls of patriarchy built on women bodies shaking, the empire envisioned to be falling soon.

    To others they found more material for sexist jokes and to use their skillful hands and minds to Photoshop photos- how productive they are.

    Parliament seemed to have troubled with this peaceful assembly of women and dummy parliamentarians on reserved seats were used to move resolution against ‘the honor of women’ being smashed by the March. When will they learn that you are supposed to win hearts of women to be elected and come as people choice — actually do something for women.

    Here they are right, placards on streets by women telling everyone that you got nothing to do with my sitting pose, are surely inappropriate and not for our culture because here the culture is men peeing on roadsides. These slogans have actually revealed those who are actually threatened by women’s right of speech, women in public and women not behaving as they are told to.

    Public, parliament and religious institutions are in action only on the question of women right to body which is bigger than dying mothers and children out of malnutrition, people dying of water borne diseases, children raped on streets and thrown dead in bushes because the only foundation of this country is standing on the question of controlling women’s bodily rights.

    Women reassuring men that we are good gatekeeper of the patriarchy are here to talk against the march. Without seeing their own relief in it, the power pleasing is more important.

    Women were silenced in every era where they are seen to be speaking, sharing the physical and intellectual spaces with men. Women, whether women had spoken for religion or against it, are killed. Our time is no different than Greeks killing the woman philosopher ‘Hypatia’ by ripping her clothes, stoning her to death and dragging her dead body all over country for not listening to Church. Mary Magdalene was killed and labeled as prostitute who’s seen to be sharing equal wisdom of Jesus as his male companions. Both didn’t took placards or spoke for their rights but the former talking about philosophy and the universe that had nothing to do with religion and the other talking about the GOD.

    Women speaking up are actually a problem for this society because it cannot take back what they have given to women — harassment, objectification, abuse, defining her boundaries, selling her for pleasure and money, taking her share of property, and sexist and offensive jokes. The march was actually a mirror but this time they can’t kill us all because its not one woman, one voice. They are in thousands and everywhere.

    It reminds me of the beautiful slogan used during March “Tum kitni Aurat Marogy, Har ghar sy Aurat Niklegi”.

    Tahira Kaleem
    Tahira Kaleem is CEO of Enlight Lab and CoFounder of Women's Avenue.

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