Women March Slogans and our societal ‘masculine anxiety’

    Posters of Aurat March are still a point in many discussions. People are upset with the content those posters are showing.
    It is, however, ironic that the same people are not upset with the kind of oppression women are facing in this society.
    Pakistan is amongst the worst countries as far as its treatment with its women is concerned. We kill women in the name of honour and tradition, we do not recognise women’s property rights, their right to self-determination, we do not count women’s labour whether at home or at the workplace.
    Women are being victimised at home, at the workplace and in the society at large. Unequal wages, Sexual harassment, sexual violence, sex crimes and marital inequality are rampant, but this situation does not disturb the conscience of our pseudo-intellectuals which include all genders.
    We are a nation which rapes its infant baby girls and women of all ages but is not ashamed enough to do away with the menace.
    And yet we are against the slogan Mera Jism Meri Marzi. I might not agree with the idiom and proverb used in all the posters, but I support the show of anger and opposition to the existing anti-women environment.
    I want to show my solidarity with the people who put up the demonstrations all over the country. It is, however, also requested to join hands with all the torch bearers and listen
    and learn from their hard-earned labour of love because of which we have reached this far where we can call a spade a spade.

    Zeenat Khan
    Media and communication professional based in Peshawar.

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